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This is what we can do to help you! Hound Computer Solutions maintains websites for serious business owners. Let us provide your website with things such as fresh content, targeted keywords, proven SEO/SEM methods, monthly maintenance and the extra attention that is required to be a viable presence online. At the end of the day if you want your website to generate ROI it must be fresh, and current.
  1. unlimited content updates
  2. unlimited support and assesment
  3. unlimited website monitoring
  4. detailed website analytics
  5. website maintenance & backup
  6. no costly hourly fees
  7. no long term contract
Let's be honest with each other. Any content on your website grows older with each passing day that is a fact you cannot escape. If you do not know how to update it or are simply too busy to do so, your website isn’t receiving the attention, nurturing, and maintenance it requires. So, there it sits, doing nothing, languishing, and becoming antiquated.

website maintenance

If you are serious about succeeding online, if you really comprehend the hidden potential that your website possesses, we offer a monthly website maintenance plan that is just the ticket for your business.

Our website maintenance plan caters to the committed and savvy business owner. The type of business owner who insists all tools that require investment show ROI of said investment. This is the type of entrepreneur who demands a results driven website.

Since 1996 we have been sharpening, expanding, and widening our knowledge base in web optimization. We know how absolutely vital having a fresh presence online is to the business owners bottom line, we are in business ourselves. Utilizing this knowledge we have developed a website maintenance plan this is based purely on RESULTS! We have seen time and time again, how diligence to website support assists business owners in being as recession proof as possible.

Let us be the steward of your website. We will shower it with care; vigorously audit it, and ensure it is always working at peak performance.


We have 3 maintenance plans totalling 10 steps. 
Each step is performed as needed and is described in detail below.

content updates

Unlimited Content Updates

Having a lack luster, and outdated website is NOT the image you wish to project for your business. The effort it takes to initially attract visitors is no easy task, and once you have achieved the traffic, your next focus is to keep them there. Without fresh content all of those efforts will be for naught. Our service keeps your website updated as often as you supply us with additions, and promotions. 

There is no additional fee for any amount of content you supply us with, we do not charge by the hour. We in fact, find the more the better, simply email your content to us and we'll post it in the appropriate section of your website in less than 48 hours (usually within 24 hours). On the Internet, fresh, current, up to date content wins you ranking, and it SELLS!

monthly website maintenance

Monthly Website Maintenance

Our monthly website maintenance duties start with optimizing and compressing all of your graphics to ensure your images load as quickly as possible. We then check the speed of each page on your website (how long does it take to load?) and make any improvements to optimize that process.

Performing these tasks take time, research, work and skill, that isn’t the half of it. Next, we scrutinize each page for dead links coming or going out of your website. If we do happen to find any less than helpful links, we immediately rectify that situation, and find one to replace it. The final task we perform is to establish a solid series of backlinks. Backlinks are the websites that link back to your site, and the most advantageous tool you can have online

website optimization

Page Optimization

Page optimization is essential to ranking; unfortunately most pages are poorly constructed which inhibits placement in search engines. We optimize all page content to include accurate keyword density, text, images and tags. We recommend at least 250 to 300 words of unique content per page for highest degree of effectiveness.

website usability scan

Usability Scan

We analyze your website to find potential design and navigation issues. If a visitor to your website finds it less than user friendly, and seem to require “work” to find the information they are searching for, you have lost the battle before you even began. We then apply a cleaner and more efficient path for your customers to find what you are offering. 

metatag creation

Metatag Creation

Metatags are hidden bits of code built into your website that communicate with search engines and directories. 

We generate META information including Title, Description, Keywords, and Robots.txt for each page of your website. This back end information helps your search engine ranking, and the content will then become the most valuable part of your website.

keyword development

Keyword Development

We identify keyword phrases likely to be used by your potential customers. This list will be comprised of keyword phrases suggested by you as well as phrases found while researching your industry and competing sites, even typos.  The keywords we generate for your site will be updated, and improved on a regular basis to guarantee your presence online is optimal.

website statistics

Website Statistics

Do you have any idea how many people actually landed on your website last month? Don't feel bad, 90% of all business owners have no idea. We'll provide you with statistics that will help you target your marketing dollars in the most effective fashion. We perform analytics that will inform you which ad placement, and marketing efforts are working best for you. You can then determine which advertisements with Google, MSN, Yahoo, or directories pull the most business, and determine where you should invest more or less. We give you a comprehensive analysis of your websites activity; this includes yesterday, last week, last month or last year. This information proves to be invaluable in making the most of your advertising dollars. 

We will provide you with information such as how many visitors you have, where did they come from, and how long did they actually stay on your site. You will also learn which page was the most popular, what page they jumped off from, and what day of the week did you generate the most traffic. In total we will provide with 35 other facts that is quintessential to making the most of your advertisement dollars. We present this information to you in easy to read graphical format that enables you to clearly see the trends over time.

website backup

Monthly Backup

We all know Murphy’s Law applies to most business, what will set your business apart is being proactive when they do occur. YOU MUST BE PREPARED!!!

Each month we generate a complete backup copy of your entire website. We then archive all of this information should the unforeseen happen. In a flash, we can instantly go back to an earlier version of your website. This ensures that you will NOT have a void in presence online should the unforeseen happen.

website monitoring

24-7 Website Monitoring

If your website server is not reliable and your website is going down for even for short periods this is costly. Downtime can cause you to miss a sell, receive a lower ranking on search engines and more. We will constantly monitor your website to insure it is up and running. Should your server go down or an issue arise which makes your website, email, etc inaccessible we will immediately notify you and help to rectify the situation. If you are paying your hosting company to have 99.9% uptime then make sure you get your moneys worth.

unlimited support

Unlimited Free Support

Well that pretty much says it all… You need support… you have it. We offer a variety of methods for support should you need it. Send an E-mail, give us a call… simply put, we are there when you need us.

monthly maintenance

no contracts No Contracts Or Hidden Fees

We offer monthly recurring billing which automatically charges your credit or debit card each month. You never have to worry about missing a payment or mailing a check.

Upon request we'll send you a receipt for accounting and tax purposes (your payments are up to 100% tax deductible as a business expense).


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