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Your North Georgia website design specialists with over 12 years experience.


Web Design and Development:

Our Team realizes that every website design needs a concentrated formulation to be successful. We assist you in defining your core marketing objectives, analyze your audience's goals to design your business a uniquely beautiful, and functional website. Web Design and Development is a corner stone of our enterprise. As we grew so did the offering of services that assist you in maximizing your web site potential. We have integrated all of these elements to prove the support E-Commerce demands.

This approach defines our philosophy

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  1. Conveyance of message should be decisive, direct, clear, and eloquent in its delivery
  2. Each web design should have a distinct purpose
  3. Well thought out and organized design should guide the visitor to the main objective
  4. Visitors should feel positive, and secure with your marketing methods
  5. You should have control of your content, and feel empowered with that knowledge
  6. None of this should be done by accident

Rich Media Development

Flash is the latest and greatest technology in website development. Flash design opens up new possibilities for your online presence. From animations to streaming video and audio, Flash allows website owners to provide their users the same information in a more attention grabbing, conversion-friendly manner. Also, with Flash quickly developing, it has also become quite useful in creating aesthetically pleasing dynamic web applications.

Hound Computer Solutions has,experienced Flash developers who can provide you with a jaw-dropping interactive experience for your online visitors. So whether you just want your logo animated or your whole site to move and react, we can provide you with a great solution.

Brand Development, and Interactive Marketing

Hound Computer Solutions will assist you in defining your goals, create effective strategies, construct user friendly applications, and architect innovative solutions that will effectively execute your message. We creatively apply the 5 core principles of brand development to build a solid foundation for your business.

Capturing a vision, putting words to it, and building it to include a visual and memorable presence is the ideal evolution of a brand's identity. Our strengths lay here, we are brand strategists and understand from conception to execution the delicate checks and balances necessary in building an unshakeable foundation —the brand ID— upon which business growth and success ensue. There are 7 phases in the ideal brand development process and although we strongly believe in respecting each of these integral steps, we do not limit ourselves from working backwards into an existing brand or simply providing the essential blueprints and foundations that will set the tone for the full development of the brand ID.

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