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Our SEO Services:

Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN do more than drive and direct traffic - they help build brands. They influence purchase decisions and provide you with a direct link to customers who are actively seeking your products or services.

The most impressive web design means little if it isn’t viewed. Our Search Engine Marketing (SEO) solutions generate traffic that is fodder for growth. By combining the best practices industry wide and applying common sense understanding of your target market, Hound Computer Solutions will help you consistently rank high in the top search engine results. Our multi-engine certified SEO marketing experts work closely with you in designing gaugeable and successful SEO campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing – SEM

Effective Search Engine Marketing is fundamental in generating traffic to your website. Hound Computer Solutions offers skilled and methodic solutions to insure your site is consistently ranked high on the major search engines. We provide and formulate effective advertising and pay per click campaigns that cater to your individual business requirements.

SEM, isn’t just about improving the trend of your web site's traffic statistics. We maximize traffic while minimizing the investment to best benefit your business model. By evaluating your website traffic and your site design we will make recommendations to encourage a higher conversion rate. Our experience in managing these accounts will ensure that you get the best bang for the buck. We will show you how you can track conversions and track your ROI with a few simple steps.

Whether the desired action for you is a lead, a sale, or a subscription to a newsletter Hound Computer Solutions can help turn the user into a buyer.

Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is more than buying keywords. Its a unique interactive marketing campaign that needs to be managed very distinctly from traditional online advertising. PPC campaigns are component of an overall, integrated marketing initiative. And, like any marketing initiative, the strategy is the foundation of future success.

Hound Computer Solutions goes well beyond just putting up ads and basic tracking by providing more types of services designed to get you results and at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. We streamline and manage the intricacies of the complicated MSN, Yahoo and ‘Google™ AdWords’ advertising system. Our comprehensive solution provides a customized pay per click account that is designed for you and your industry which means you will be more successful.

SEO Public Relations

Search Engine Optimization Public Relations (SEO PR) is a blend of search engine visibility and traditional public relations that disperses a company’s message across the Internet by way of online media outlets and search engines. SEO PR not only helps disseminate an organization’s messages, but it also incorporates search engine-friendly communication through techniques such as optimizing copy in press releases, articles, blogs, RSS feeds, websites and more.

Hound Computer Solutions makes sure your press releases and other media events are effectively Search-Engine Optimized (SEO.) This creates an even bigger audience that helps build press recognition, and also helps drive qualified traffic to your website, this tactic establishes inexpensive inbound links that helps increase your site’s overall Page Rank. By combining the "push” of traditional PR, and the “pull” the internet offers, your business news can be a formative method in building your bottom line.

Social interactive Media Optimization

Generated by the very nature of humans, Social Media has revolutionized the way we communicate and conduct business. The Social Media Optimization allows us to harness the power of personal communication to expand your web presence.

Merging of Traditional Media, SEM and Social Marketing

The combination of these marketing techniques and skills helps businesses connect with current and new customers by building social media profiles, creating online communities, submitting products to social shopping sites and optimizing the social content to boost SEO results. An increasing amount of people are spending their Internet time on social sites like Facebook, YouTube (Over 70 million videos posted), and Twitter (Over 1 Billion Tweets to Date) giving businesses tremendous opportunity to reach consumers on their favorite social sites.

Hound Computer Solutions Social Media Optimization Service Includes:

  1. Building optimized social media profiles for businesses
  2. Encouraging user generated content through product reviews and discussion boards
  3. Submitting online videos to the leading video distribution sites like YouTube and Google Video
  4. Social Bookmarking
  5. Submitting products to social shopping sites
  6. Photo, Article, Press Release, Brochure and Media Kit Tagging and Submission

The social media optimization service tags all content to the right categories to boost search engine optimization, which results in more online exposure and higher search engine rankings.


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