Full PC Clean-Up Special
Virus, spyware, adware removal, clean registry errors and more...

Is your computer Running slow? Popups annoying you? Windows keep freezing or crashing?
Don't let your computer hound you!

At Hound Computer Solutions we can clean-up your PC properly and get your computer running like it should. We will check your computer for virus and spyware, removing all, even the ones Anti-Virus software can't. We perform full computer maintenance to improve computer performance and improve the overall health of your computer. We will also make sure all drivers and windows components are properly updated. We check to make sure your system registry is error free and optimized, remove files that build up over time and make windows sluggish, scan hard-drive for bad sectors or errors and more...

All this for only $149.95

Stop wasting time on a slow or sluggish machine, Get our Full System Clean-Up now!


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