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Computers for Seniors Program

THE GOAL: to provide computers where they are needed at local Senior Centers in the Northwest Georgia area.

While working with Senior Centers in the Northwest Georgia area we have noticed they are limited on funding and are unable to provide computers for public use at these facilities. These facilities are Non-Profit and rely largely on government and local grants to provide services needed. The majority of these funds provide food to Seniors in the area as well as activities. These limited funds creates a tight budget and often does not allow for technology related items such as Computers, training, etc...

 With your help we hope to change this and offer Free Computers at these locations to provide Seniors with another outlet. We would also like to offer basic computer use training classes at these centers so these wonderful people can get the most out of the computer use.

This is a small effort to enrich the lives of our local seniors. Hopefully with your help we can grow this to a much larger effort. Join us in providing for our seniors, DONATE NOW!

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