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Congratulations to our Client Spence Heating and Air Conditioning

Press Release Composed by Hound Computer Solutions
Spence HVAC has been with us since conception, we are thrilled to announce this honor given by Lennox.

Spence HVAC announced earlier this month that they have been honored by the Lennox Corp by being elevated to the status of an official:

This indicates that Spence Heating & Air Conditioning has met the high standard and criteria necessary to be named a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer™. The rating as a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer™ guarantees a level of comfort, and service no one else can match. We here at Spence HVAC couldn’t be more thrilled to be held in such high regard.


Premium service

When it comes to delivering quality service, Spence HVAC’s classifications as a Dave Lennox Premier Dealers™ realize that actions speak louder than words. So instead of just talking quality, we practice it through listening and responding to your needs.

Premium products

As partners with the leading name in home comfort, Dave Lennox Premier Dealers™ offer some of the best products available in the industry, including products from the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection.

Premium satisfaction

To earn and maintain "Premier" status, Dave Lennox Premier Dealers™ must participate in an independent Customer Satisfaction program. This provides customers with the opportunity to objectively evaluate their performance. Only those that achieve and continue to meet our high standards can identify themselves as a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer™.

You will soon see an even stronger presence via the internet, and marketing methods from Spence HVAC, &  Hound Computer Solutions . We wish to thank our customers for the years of loyalty, and welcome our new clients with assured satisfaction.

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